What is psychology?

Science that studies the mental processes, sensations, perceptions and behavior of the human being, in relation to the physical and social environment that surrounds it. This is the most common answer we can find about the meaning of psychology, with this article what we hope is to delve a little more about this science and its effects on French society. Listening to talk about psychology is to think about problems, how to solve them, therapies, mental games and so on, certainly this science is very interesting and complex, for those who perform this profession it is a very big challenge, they are very analytical people, observers, peaceful and with an impeccable tranquility and positivism.

In France, if you need someone to talk to, vent or if you want to try to understand a little more the reason for some problem you have in your mind, you can go to the office or office of a psychologist who will most likely receive you in a very good way and With a smile, you can use the internet to find addresses, numbers and even in some places in France there are psychologists who can make or schedule appointments through their websites. Psychology is very important when it comes to studying or analyzing the behavior of an individual since this observation can draw specific conclusions or resolutions to exact problems, the basis of psychology is to analyze the past, memories and understand root which are the reasons that lead patients to have or suffer from a psychological disorder. For this we would have to learn a small difference between psychology and one of its specialties which is psychiatry and I will explain a bit more about what differentiates both.

Psychologist or Psychiatrist?

 In the first place, it must be said that the psychiatrist studies medicine during his training, which makes him a general doctor ( centre appel urgence dentiste geoallo ) and later he specializes in the branch of psychiatry. The psychologist properly studies the psychology career and then specializes in clinical, it is something to the reverse to be clearer. In France, the price of consultations varies, which seems to be a common factor is that in most offices the first consultation is free and the session price is around 30 euros, which consists of a session of one hour a couple of Sometimes for weeks, many psychologists do not have the money for a place or their own space, offer consultations and online sessions from the comfort of your home, a very innovative way of caring for patients.


Basically, the psychological disorders are seen as mental illness or as a problem of behavior and behavior that is to say when we go against the established principles or values, they can be detonated by traumatizing problems or episodes that we could experience at some stage of our life, commonly these problems are associated with childhood. This is so that we understand a little more about psychology and some other of its branches. In France the most common psychological disorders are: anxiety, depression, aggression and insomnia, all these types of disorders are very common social level, by the stress caused every day and the different types of environments in which we operate.

The anxiety for most of the French is the biggest of the disorders, according to studies done to different clinics and psychologists this is derived from a restlessness and is a mental state that is characterized by intense excitement and extreme insecurity. Many people suffer from anxiety from early ages, it is something a little more common than we think, we can see it in the schools of any French city, shy children who develop few friendships or who enjoy little talking with someone else for fear of rejection or teasing on the part of others, it’s like when you have to expose in classes and you stay frozen by stage fright which is a derivative of anxiety. Psychologists and psychiatrists recommend different types of therapy, in fact it is known that anxiety is not linked to any problem retained in the brain of individuals but develops over time when interacting with society by its way of acceptance towards the other people. It is recommended to treat it with therapy such as music, painting, dance, etc. In France it is very common to listen to music in the psychiatrists ‘or psychologists’ rooms. Relaxation music, not very soft that helps to retain or repress that anxiety until it is forgotten, French doctors also recommend social interaction exercises, that is, invite someone for a coffee, accept the invitations we have to leave our comfort zone, something Very easy to do in France given to so many places to visit with the perfect company.

In France you take in a very serious way what are the problems or mental illnesses, given the level of aggression that many people have come to present in this country, the level of mental disorder in which they are involved, many times the patients with More severe diseases are young people who have had serious childhood problems, have been abandoned or lived during constant violence in the streets as in their own home, in 2009 there was an episode in which two young patients who were interned in order After committing serious crimes, they went without authorization from the psychiatric hospital of Saint-Avé, in Bretagne, a region in western France. Police forces and trained dogs that entered the hospital were deployed at the same time they resorted to a helicopter of the civil security due to this great deployment. They managed to find both and were returned to the hospital from which they left time later. With this article we show that France as regards Psychology issues is very well prepared and with highly developed techniques for the help of people suffering from some type of mental illness or disorder, from the most mild to the most serious, its psychologists and psychiatrists They are people who love their profession and give themselves to their patients with the clear objective of helping them overcome their obstacles.